My First Official Blog Post

I decided to create a website because it’s time I started blogging to an audience as well as writing my thoughts in beautiful notebooks.

So here it is then, my first ever online blog post.

I am prepared for any reader’s onslaught of disgust if they do not like what I write (I sometimes use a pseudonym so it’s all hers) and I’m prepared equally well for any reader’s onslaught of admiration if they do (I sometimes write as myself so it’s all mine).

My pseudonym writes pieces that would startle anyone who knows me (or thinks they do) if they even suspected I had thoughts along the lines of what I’ve written.  The name I use is a magical mixture of my sister’s Christian names.  Perhaps I should warn her in case she picks something up to read and sees her name all over it.  She may sue me; a sister could do that if she felt that way inclined.

And with that thought, I will announce here and now that anything I write (in any name) that is classed as creative fiction is indeed fictitious and even a slight resemblance to any persons living or dead is absolutely, utterly and undisputedly, a COINCIDENCE (unless otherwise stated).

I have put a sample piece of my work on here as a taster – for potential readers – before I suffer enough rejection to discover if writer’s block is a myth or not.

I feel inspired by the thought that my having a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing means I’ll never be too old.  Being a writer is ageless.  Priceless!

I must upload this blog instead of writing it to myself.   Make it real.  After all, it’s what I write about – real life.   Can you tell the difference between what is true and what is not?   I challenge you to try and figure it out.  Read from my collection in progress in the Writing Extracts section of this site if you feel like it or come back to it later(see addendum).  I’ll be pleased to hear from you if you like it and, if you don’t?  Well, just be gentle with me.  I’m really quite fragile underneath the bravado.

All Text Copyright © Julie M. Fairweather, 2012.

NB: A collection of short stories (where the previous reading extracts section is now housed) was published in 2013 – see publication page for details.