Now where was I? Oh yes, serenity…

I finished work at 1.30pm today and walked through Scarborough town feeling at peace with the world.  Why?  I have no idea. In the midst of my life’s busyness I found myself smiling, hardly noticing that we are almost at the end of the first month of the year and still there is calmness at the central part of me. It could be that I have just recovered from a hacking cough I thought I’d be saddled with forever, or it could be that I’m on target with my current writing projects (always worth an act of kindness or two to myself), or it could be that the Freedom in Christ course I’m attending is actually working for me. Delving deeper each week (4th session last night) I end up with more questions than answers (as is usual when I attend these things), but I’m feeling pretty good with the journey that is my life, my writing and my faith.

I’m inclined to be bold and state that I’m walking on air in comfortable new shoes whilst reciting the serenity prayer. It’s working better than any other New Year’s resolution I ever made (see previous post).