Contemplating a Eulogy

Life events have a timely way of usefulness for the occasional ‘read and share’ evenings at Scarborough Writers’ Circle, where I am a member. A recent topic was ‘Famous Last Words’ and I decided to take this performance piece I’d written along with me. If I say so myself, I felt it was much more entertaining when performed for the ear rather than a read through from the page. (I’ll try and pop a sound file on soon for you to judge that for yourself but meanwhile feel free to read out loud this tongue-in-cheek piece yourself.)

Sorry folks this piece of writing has been removed as it has been submitted for publication.

Grace Bingham Trophy

The title and theme for the annual Grace Bingham Trophy competition at the Scarborough Writers’ Circle was ‘In Your Dreams’, and part of the criteria set was to include the use of creative language. 

How could I resist a chance to indulge in one of my favourite forms of writing? Poetics.

Here is the link (see note below added 8.2.14) to my submitted story… The Six-Sided Box by A Poetic Dreamer (aka Julie Fairweather) … the poetics of which are best read in a breathless manner so you need to invent your own pauses during the reading of these. 

Oh, did I mention that this was the winning story?

 Judge’s comments: ‘Superb! A real attempt to use language creatively, within dreamlike descriptions that take the reader through to the end where the true setting and meaning are revealed in what I found to be a very touching finish. Wonderful work!’

 There is a metaphoric layer to this story that I hope potential readers from the targeted group will appreciate, and respond to in their own individual way.

My Current Status: floating on a cloud enjoying the euphoria whilst clutching the Grace Bingham Trophy.

Sorry folks… the story is currently unavailable to read on here as it is undergoing an edit for submission elsewhere.