Spinning Stories Publication

A collection of short stories Picking at the Bones is available as an EBook from Amazon.co.uk (£2.15) – you can read the first two stories from the ‘look inside’ button on the site.  If you would like to purchase a paperback copy (£6.00 inclusive of post and packing – UK only), please contact me via this site by sending a reply to any post (I will reply to your private email address).

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The majority of the stories in this collection slide underneath the surface of characters’ lives in an attempt to distinguish the truth from gossip and lies. Vulnerable narrators drop in now and then to pick at the bones of the characters’ failings to add another dimension to the reader’s perception of what is and isn’t true.


“If you are looking for cosy, happy-ever-after stories, this collection is not for you. If you like something edgy, read these. It’s like falling into a treacle well – smooth, viscous tales with hidden depths – of murder, madness, incest, dysfunctional families, ghosts, obesity, loss, jealousy, a tiny bit of sentiment and quite a bit of black humour. They cling to the inside of your head for a long time afterwards. My favourite was The Doll Doctor – short and Dahl-like – but every story had something to make me think.” (purchased by S.W. – Scarborough Author)

“Very thought provoking, perceptive. Touches your soul. A very talented writer. I will look out for her. An excellent read.” (purchased by E.S. from Amazon)

“I hope to get the opportunity to read this when I take some annual leave later this month, it is beautifully presented and certainly passed the first paragraph test that I apply to potential reading matter!” (Dr Ben Butler, Head of Alumni and Supporter Engagement, University of Hull)