My Elusive On-Line Presence

I’m trying to build an online presence – which is an aim I’ve put on hold whilst I’ve been organising my two events for the Scarborough Flare Festival in April 2014. This has been one of my aims since an extremely knowledgeable young man (Liam Siddall) presented a talk on that very thing at Scarborough Writers’ Circle earlier this year.

I went along to a free consultation at Liam’s place of business (Imarge) and, following discussions around what I already had in place, Liam designed an individual plan for my way forward. The outcome was that primarily I need some training to make sure I’m monitoring my networking resources adequately, that they are all of consistent design and that they are inter-connected – thereby directing people back to my website… where I hope to interest readers in my progress as a writer.

I’ve been attempting to get things up and running as much as I can myself as I’m not a stranger to using computers, but I admit the social networking side of it is a little chaotic for me and I’m guessing my way through most of it.  I have got my head round some of it and I’m at least posting regular tweets on Twitter and linking those to my personal Facebook – which then directs people to a Facebook page I’ve created. Not bad for someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing! I have to admit to neglecting my website due to keeping on top of these online social activities I’ve started – with more to follow.

I feel ready now for the expert training to move forward with this and I’m hoping to free up a couple of hours (including some head space freedom) to get along to a training session. 

Meanwhile, please visit my Creative Breathing in the Community Facebook Page, which is a run up to The Postcard Challenge at the Scarborough Flare Festival in April 2014, and I look forward to reading one or two of your own special moments on there.

Blessings to all, Julie

PS I know I don’t need all these buttons…

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  1. Wow, Julie! You have been busy. No wonder we haven’t been in touch much this last week. I’m molto impressed. Off to my Italian class now, but without completing my homework. Just couldn’t fit everything in.

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